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Mind Blowing Magic Tricks Book & Kit

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"Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks" is a book and kit compiled, written and illustrated by our very own Eddie Armbrister which includes 8 amazing card tricks with regular/ungimmicked cards, 1 rope trick and the Afghan Bands trick for a total of 10 tricks. As Eddie explains, while all 10 tricks are truly "MIND-BLOWING," none of them are difficult to learn or perform. Included in the book is a simple version of "Out of This World" as performed by Matt Franco, winner of "AMERICA'S GOT TALENT" Season 9 in 2014!

The kit includes the following:
1. Illustrated book which fully explains all 10 tricks
2. Two ordinary decks of cards
3. The "Three-to-One Ropes" trick already set-up for you (rope included)
4. Your first set of "Afghan Bands" already set-up for you to help you make your own for future use (the paper bands are torn during each performance and are only used once requiring a new set for each performance).

Get all this, which is a $34 value, all for $24.99!

Upon request, Eddie will personally inscribe the book to you and sign his name on the inside cover.

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