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What to expect? 

Large illusion show options include many stage effects similar to Criss Angel and David Copperfield shows: Witness someone being folded into a 12-inch square box which then has three swords thrusts into it from top-to-bottom, side-to-side and front-to-back! See an assistant pierced by 18 tubular light bulbs and then dissappear or be sliced into three pieces with their middle removed! Be amazed by the "Metamorphosis" Substituion Trunk-The World's Fastest Illlusion and the mystifying Shadow Box Illusion during which a mere shadow materializes into a real person live on-stage. Plus, enjoy the popular performance of the "Temple of Swords." 

Hilarious audience-participative segments include a mentalism routine with three audience members involving the funny and amazingly accurate "mind-reading" predictions of a randomly selected word from a huge dictionary, a phone number from a huge Yellow Pages Directory and a randomly selected playing card.

High-impact Close-up Magic with cards, coins, ropes and other small objects happens right in the hands of tradeshow/convention attendees and restaurant patrons.

All of these types and scales of magic can be incorporated into motivational training programs for corporate groups or as themed-message entertainment assemblies for youth rallies and other events.


The possibilities are endless with Eddie Armbrister's World of Wonder Productions!

Set Up Requirements 

Setup requirements (if any) depend upon scale of show and will be discussed at time of booking.

Types of performances offered: 

  • Close-up Magic

  • Cabaret Magic

  • Stage Illusion Shows

  • Magic For Festivals, Fairs and Community Events  

  • Trade Show/ Corporate Magic 

  • College/University Shows

Please check these out on our home page for more ​ information on the different types. 

Additional Booking Information 

Given the diverse scale of entertainment package options from close-up and strolling magic to large spectacle stage illusion shows details of technical requirements will be discussed at the time of booking. Even possibilities for large illusion shows is quite broad. For example, Eddie has provided half-time illusion show entertainment at major basketball arenas including performances for 35,000 basketball fans at Thompson Bowling Arena surrounded on all sides--very rare for the performance of magic which is often angle-sensitive!


Sound and lighting requirements for stage performances can be limited for the convenience of clients and World of Wonder Productions can provide all necessary sound equipment when necessary.

Flexibiliy is the key and Eddie Armbrister's World of Wonder Productions has such a vast selection of illusions and other magical effects which allows for numerous options to make the show work well in most any venue.

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