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Eddie Armbrister's World of Wonder DELUXE Magic Set

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Eddie Armbrister's DELUXE Magic Set is an enhanced collection of magic effects for ages 7 to adult. Includes 7 amazing tricks that would cost $59 if purchased separately all for $39.99--a $20 DISCOUNT! The 5 astounding magic tricks included in the DELUXE Set are: BALL & VASE * CUPS & BALLS * PSYCHIC STAR PREDICTION * UNEQUAL EQUAL ROPES * MAGIC COIN SLIDE * CRYSTAL COIN CASE * IMPOSSIBLE COIN NEST

This set is also available in a CUSTOMIZED version with YOUR PHOTO and YOUR NAME on the package!! Customization is available on all magic sets for an additional $7.99. Send your photo and name to and we will take care of everything else! If you would like to upgrade and have your picture on the boxed set please select it from the sets page.

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