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Grand Illusion Show

Get ready to be amazed by Eddie’s World of Wonder Grand Illusion Show! Eddie calls this show “energetic, high-powered, mind-blowing illusion – Magic the way it should be!” The Grand Illusion Show features Las Vegas-style large illusion stage props,  stunningly beautiful assistants that appear and disappear and are miraculously sliced, diced and impaled with swords and blades without harm! The large illusion segments feature dynamic choreography and high-impact musical accompaniment and are interspersed with hilarious audience participatory portions from the Cabaret Show.  Eddie’s Grand Illusion Show will make your event one your audience will never forget! Sit back, relax and prepare to be astonished by this awesome show.

World of Wonder Grand Illusion show features:

  • Stage illusions like Sword Temple, Geometric Tube Illusion, Houdini’s Metamorphosis Trunk, Origami Illusion,  Shadow Box and more!

  • Fun audience participation 

  • Mind-bending mentalism

  • Family-friendly comedy

  • Exciting magic for all audiences

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