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Close-up Magic Performance 

Get up close and personal with Eddie performing fascinating mini-miracles inches from your eyes and sometimes right in your hands! This is not a show for a large crowd to sit and watch.  Instead, Close-up Magic is meant to be enjoyed by individuals or small groups table-side during dinner/dessert or strolling in a reception or cocktail party atmosphere. Eddie is skilled at building crowds of engaged and attentive prospects at tradeshow exhibits with his Close-up Magic as well.  Everyone will be wowed with Eddie’s entertaining antics and personality as he creates magic with smaller props like cards, coins, rope, etc. The magic literally happens right in front of your eyes! 

Eddie’s Close-up Magic Performance includes:

  • Flexible audience size but this is not a show requiring everyone's attention! Instead, Close-up Magic features short performances for small groups of people repeated for other small groups attending the event.

  • Highly interactive and personable

  • Great for table-side entertainment during dinner

  • Works well for hospitality suites, cocktail parties and reception events 

  • Booked by the hour or for half-day or full-day events

  • Fantastic for drop-in, drop-out style entertainment

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